Why I’m a Mean Mom

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Summertime this year came with my annual reflections on how we do things in my family when it comes to our family beds.  We’re away with less space so we’re doubling up and I’ve got my two oldest in my room.  My boys are literally begging me to share my bed.  I’m still saying no.  Plus I’m being really mean!  Watch this video for why!

Why I’m a Mean Mom

Should I Go For The Co Sleeping Bed?

I’ve said many times that I wonder whether I’m missing out on something magical and wonderful but not having a family bed where the kids share the night with us.  I’ve also listed all of the reasons why I don’t co sleep.  Pretty soon, they likely won’t want to go near me with a 10-foot pole, so why am I not taking advantage of their wanting to cuddle with me now?

In this video, I go into some of the sibling rivalry issues in my family and why they cause me to hold back from co-sleeping.

What is your view of children sleeping with parents?  Share your thoughts below!

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