Would You Choose a Raise or a Year’s Vacation?

Working parents, if you had a choice between a 20 percent raise and a year’s vacation, which would you choose?

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A new survey by Working Mother magazine found that the majority of working moms — 61 percent — would choose the salary increase over a year off from work.

This is a tough call, I think. Assuming that “year’s vacation” is fully paid, that’s a pretty good deal. But in difficult economy when every penny counts, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that when push comes to shove, most people choose cold hard cash!

So what would you choose? Time or money?  Although the time off is sounded pretty sweet to me now, I guess I would go for the cashola myself.  Tell me below!  xo Melissa

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  • Luke P

    Well I’m the male in my partnership but I’d definitely go for the year off.. I’m going to be lucky if I can get a few weeks off when the baby is born.. so being able to take a full year off (paid at the current rate) would be so good for me.. to be the daddy full time for a whole year..

    I really wish the world wasn’t setup in the way it is now where it requires two incomes to just live a regular life, so at least one of us could be at home full time.. both of us are in jobs where that is simply not possible and the financial side of things is only going to get more and more costly as we introduce our children to the world.