5 American Kids in Barcelona #1

Hola! Going to be saying that for a few weeks, my dear mamas, while we are here in Spain! So here is video #2 from our adventure to Spain. One of my major worries in planning our trip was transportation. How was I going to get all 5 kids around the city to witness all the renowned Barcelona attractions?  How reliable was the Barcelona public transport, i.e. were there affordable buses or trains near our small apartment? I was really worried!

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Well, I sort of tumbled upon what became a great solution for us on our first day of touring. After a good night’s sleep, my kids were doing better on the jet lag front and we were ready to roll. I had my garbage bags all ready to go (yes, you guys know I am crazy!) but I didn’t need them. The apartment had amazing electric shades that pulled down at the push of a button. I was in heaven when everyone slept ’till 9 AM.

OK, so the bus. Luckily, in the city of Barcelona, there are wonderful buses that take you all around the city and provide an audio guide. You can get on and off as you please. It’s a great way to get a sense of the city and my kids were fully and totally entertained.

I’ll be chronicling our trip to Europe with our kids for two months this summer!  If you have tips for me, or even perhaps suggestions on what to see in Barcelona, please write them below!  xo M

Barcelona for Kids

Turned out one of the bus stops is right near our apartment — phew! We bought tickets and boarded and got off at one of the first stops. The stadium and museum for the FCBarcelona — Barcelona’s renowned professional soccer club. The boys were thrilled. We took a lot of pictures at el Barca and they had fun looking at the stadium and hundreds of trophies. Soccer is huge over here and we are excited getting ready for the World Cup, so this visit to FCB was timely.

After that, we found a nice lunch place nearby. We discovered that hamburgers taste different here and french fries are served without salt (good!). Annaliese tried some tapas. I’m determined to get my boys to branch out, but picking my battles these first few days.

Back on the bus, we cruised by the Sagrada Familia, Guadi’s famous cathedral that is still under construction. Watch my video to see my kids’ reaction to this famous landmark!

Thanks for watching my video and check in soon for the next chapter of our family adventure!

Oh, and here’s the first video just in case ‘ya missed it!

xo Sending hugs!