WHAT?? Organic Food Not Necessarily Better?

Hello mothers everywhere!

Big news today for all those moms who buy organic! A new study by Stanford researchers has found that organic foods — fruits, veggies, milk, grains etc. — don’t offer more nutrients or vitamins than conventional foods. Have I re-done my whole budget and spent more money for naught?WHAT?? Organic Food Not Necessarily Better?

Organic vs. Conventional

The new study claims that organic food is no better in terms of vitamins and nutrients than conventionally-grown food. Also, researchers have said that they haven’t been able to demonstrate a difference between the two types of food products. Organic meat might even have a higher exposure to bacteria! GROSS! Are you as shocked as I am? So what am I supposed to do with this info? Watch my vlog for more!

Do the benefits of organic outweigh the cons? Is this study going to change your shopping habits when it comes to buying organic food? I’d love to hear what other mothers have to say! Comment below!

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