What One To-Be Dad Is Asking Himself

So I’m BAAACCCKKK!  Vlogging at home with my tripod and my camera and feeling happily settled and excited about the year after a summer “hiatus” of travel blogs.

I think back to that time when Marc and I were expecting Hedley and laugh at all the different worries we had!  What kind of bumper should we buy?, did we need the mirror in the car so that the baby could look at himself while we drove?, how about a wipe-warmer?

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But in today’s video, a more relaxed dad is asking himself a totally different type of question.  Watch my video to see what that is!

OK, ok, I’ll give a hint, it has to do with time off.

Life with a newborn isn’t easy for new dads either and of late, a lot folks are saying that dads are feeling the pressures of parenthood as much as moms feel new mom stress.  Added to the pressures of work and home life is a new baby keeping dads as well as moms feeling overwhelmed, tired and stressed.  I’ve even seen articles about postpartum depression in men.

I’m a big believer that time off can make you a better parent, and I always have advocated breaks for new moms, whether that means a coffee with a pal, or a trip to the gym or nail salon, or a plain old nap. So in my view, the same holds true for new dads.  Take a break, dada.  But think too about the other things that can help keep a household ticking when new cries and burps are taking over: parental communication, appreciation and gratitude, and just plain old pitching in.

But as to how much of a break and for how long, you’ll have to watch my video to see where I come out!  Because I ain’t totally letting you off the hook and you’ll have to hear why!

Thanks for watching and see ‘ya next week on CloudMom with some other new blogs.  I’m very excited about all the new content we’ve been getting ready here, including plenty of new stroller and baby carrier shows!  Stay tuned.


xo Melissa