Welcome to CloudMom!

This is it–the big day! Today marks the official launch of the CloudMom website. Call it a true labor of love, my sixth baby, or whatever you want – this website is how I’ll share all of my lessons learned and parenting stories with you, and I’m so excited that the day is finally here to get it started! It may be a little obvious, but I’m completely obsessed with babies and kids, and it’s heartbreaking to know that I won’t be having anymore. Not with this husband, at least (just kidding, honey!).


Advice for first-time moms

My site has been up for a couple of weeks, but now I’m finally able to start publishing my parenting blog. Learning to take care of my children while preserving some sense of order in my household was no easy task, but I got more and more used to it as I kept having babies. By the time my fifth child was born, I started to think of the little things that I learned to do with my babies and my older kids, and I put them into videos. My first project was to come up with essential parenting how-to videos about the first year of raising a baby, and I’m hoping that this helps new moms and dads to transition into parenthood a little smoother.

So, why on earth would I have five children? Honestly, I come from a large family and it has always been a dream of mine to raise a large family of my own. Luckily, I married a guy who was on board with this idea, so that’s where it all started. And if you’re wondering how I have time to make all of these videos in my spare time, it’s with a lot of gracious help that I’m able to do it. I worked as a lawyer for 10 years, so I try to take all the help I can get from babysitters and family members.

I have 100 videos lined up for you, covering everything from picking out food to breastfeeding. You name it, and we have a video for it. And if I don’t have a video for it just yet, you may request it and I’ll make it for you! On the website, I’ll also have a daily vlog where I’ll talk about my crazy life and all the things that I come up with for raising my 5 kids.

I’m so glad that you decided to check out CloudMom, and I’d love for you to stay up-to-date with the latest at CloudMom by registering on the website. Please feel free to share your thoughts, stories and opinions in the comments section for each of my videos!

Do you have a topic or a concern that you would like for me to cover in a video? Let me know by leaving a comment or reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!