Weekly Wrap Up #7 — First Tries

Happy Sunday evening everyone. Sitting on my bed with everyone FINALLY asleep, my laptop actually on my lap (that’s a first for this weekend), and my feet stretched out. It’s all good.  Here are a few snapshots from our week.

This week brought many first tries for us. Trying new things is good because it’s all about the attempt and the fun, right? Here’s Annaliese practicing writing words — she decided it’s much more interesting to make up words with her own letters. I’m so proud of this little girl. She cuddles up beside me and likes to do her own “work.”

Annaliese writing


Tea has been a companion for me lately, a nice soothing pick me up at various points of the day. My kids love it too. This week Annaliese asked for pink tea. We made some by doing cranberry tea with a splash of milk. Pink is good and always comes with a big smile.

Annaliese with pink tea

Kids and Dogs

Two of Hedley’s friends stayed over last night. We’re all a bit tired in the wake of this adventure, but they were great and we had an awesome time. One boy’s dad brought his fluffy dog to pick up his son. Thinking ahead to our visit with Aunt Simone and Uncle Will (who have several adorable and enormous dogs) this Christmas, I am trying to get the girls more comfortable with dogs. So having a fluffy dog to play with for a few minutes was both fun and practical (and you know I’m practical!). They loved patting the doggie on her belly. This was one of the first times we’ve had a dog in our apartment!

Girls playing with dog

Fall Dinner Parties

With the friends off on their way and Marc off to soccer with the boys, the girls had fun decorating the house for our first Fall dinner party with two other families. We had four bunches of fall flowers that went a long way. I’m loving the burgundies and oranges of the season. I like making one big bouquet and then using my green water glasses to make little bouquets for the kids’ table… so festive.

Fall Flowers

Kids dinner table

Notice that I’m cutting corners here with the paper and plastic. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Dishes for 16 is no  joke so whatever helps…

Organic Brownies

And here’s our final ‘first try’ of the week. I took my pal Amanda’s brownie recipe, our family favorite, and went down the organic path with pure cane sugar. Turned out just as good and I’m looking forward to trying this with some of our other recipes.

Pure cane sugar

Last week I wrote about finding the new, and this week about first tries. Here’s to taking risks and shaking things up so that life stays a little bit more, well, interesting.

Have a wonderful week and get ready for some fun stuff on CloudMom this week.

Thanks for reading! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every person who’s become a part of this amazing journey.

xo Melissa