Weekly Wrap Up #9 – The More Things Change …

Lately I’m marveling at how watching each child grow is such a unique experience. When pregnant with my second child, and even more so with the others that came later, I remember thinking to myself “how will I go through it again.” The late nights, first feedings, potty training… Reading Goodnight Moon, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  How can I do it all over?

Monotony permeates the parenting of young kids. Wake up, breakfast, get dressed, park, nap, lunch… there’s monotony in the daily routine and there are just a lot of things we have to do, again, and again, and again… when you’ve got a newborn, you finally think you’re done feeding and then there you are back again quicker than you could have imagined.

Yet, as my children have grown and I’ve grown too, I learned that there isn’t an again, and in fact, each moment is totally unique and will never repeat itself. Savoring the milestones more than I ever did, I take far too many pictures, knowing that this beautiful child in front of me will never be the same again. Here are some of those pictures from our last week. As I look at them now, I get teary knowing that those moments are gone.

Annaliese swam by herself for the first time!  Here she is taking off.

Annaliese swimming by herself

Clad in the knit cap my Mom gave her for her birthday last year, Marielle bounced up and down on the seesaw and would not let me hold her. “Don’t hold me, Mommy” she said sternly. So I had no choice, and she took off laughing as I stood there petrified that she would fly off. She didn’t.

Marielle on see sawToday we visited the New York Historical Society, right down the street from us. Look at these amazing archways.  The building caught our fancy as much as the works of art on display, and of course, the audio recorders with all those fun buttons to press were a big draw for the boys.

New York Historical Society

New York Historical Society

Boys Playing at National Historical Society

With the painting part of our visit over, the boys were anxious to get downstairs to the kids’ section and I soon knew why. This baseball game they’re stuck to above had them entertained for quite a while. It was another moment for me to see them all standing there side by side: Hedley so much taller than he was a few months ago, their hair long since their last summer cut. I knew that the next time we returned, my boys wouldn’t be the same and our visit wouldn’t be the same.

Heading out, we paused to look at this sculpture. The figure is nobly absorbed in his thoughts. As parents, we’re all so pressed to keep everything moving along but sometimes just taking a step back and savoring the moments transforms each and every moment into the unique.

Indian thinker

Wishing you guys the most awesome of weeks, and stay tuned for some fun stuff on the site this week.

xo Melissa