Weekly Wrap Up #21 – Soccer and Flowers

Hello my dears.

This week began with a two day soccer extravaganza.  Stressed out by the long ride to and from Long Island, I packed more fruit, snacks, drinks and other goodies to last us a full week!  My mom anxiety often manifests itself through food, especially at these games.  I’ve learned the hard way that being stuck in the heat watching your kid without nothing to drink is not a lot of fun.  Forget the players, what about us spectators, right?  Ha ha.  Well, at this tournament, we had some wins and some losses and I was WIPED OUT by the end of it, but watching the boys play in the fresh air and getting to know the other parents made the whole experience so worth it.

Weekly Wrap Up #21: Soccer and Flowers + Giveaway!

Hedley performed along with his classmates in a Salmon Rushdie play.  His role was that of a bus driver, and he had a nifty scene where he operated the steering wheel with several passengers behind frightened by his speed (a boy’s dream, right?).  Afterwards we had a blast at a cast party with pizza and this gorgeous cake.  Good times.

Weekly Wrap Up #21: Soccer and Flowers + Giveaway!

Had a fun time walking this little pumpkin to school and doing her hair.  Marielle likes lots of different braids and clips.  She loves her raincoats and rainboots even when it’s not raining (better safe than sorry, right?) and balancing along the top of the tree boxes.  Among my best school memories this past year are those spending quality time walking with her each morning.

Weekly Wrap Up #21: Soccer and Flowers + Giveaway!

Yesterday, I chaperoned Annaliese’s class down to Chelsea Market.  Our task was to find three different things to draw and label.  These flowers were so gorgeous it was hard not to want to buy a few, but I had to resist since a few small hands needed holding on the way out.  I don’t get out and about enough in this great city, so this field trip offered a nice opportunity to do that.

Weekly Wrap Up #21: Soccer and Flowers + Giveaway!

In the spirit of eating healthy, I enjoyed this awesome summer salad with fresh beets, avocado and egg salad, plus some watermelon to boot.  Add this to your healthy eating plan for a refreshing meal this summer! And get this?  Since I was alone in the house, I enjoyed the meal without fielding any requests to get anyone a glass of milk or water or a napkin.  The house echoed and I missed the noise, but breathed in the peace.

Weekly Wrap Up #21: Soccer and Flowers + Giveaway!

My Book Club has selected this intriguing title to read next – Leaving Time, Jodi Picoult.  I don’t know anything about the book other than that it involves a mystic and an elephant.  What the heck — I’m up for it!

Weekly Wrap Up #21: Soccer and Flowers + Giveaway!

Tomorrow I am off to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  5o years, 4 children, 12 grandchildren.  My parents are still hopping, doing their thing, and finding ways to be romantic with each other.  They are such an inspiration to me.  Feeling very emotional and grateful as I get ready to write a speech to honor them.

So that’s about it from this neck of the woods.  Thanks so much for following and don’t forget to enter our Weekly Giveaway below to win a copy of Jodi Picoult’s Leaving Time and a $50 Amazon gift card!!

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OH, and the quote and my goals for the week:

Quote of the Week

“Some lessons can't be taught, they simply have to be learned.” ― Jodi Picoult

Goals for the Week

  • Buy Annaliese’s new asthma machine.  Her doctor prescribed two meds to use when her asthma acts up, which go along with a small nebulizer that is over the counter.
  • Plan last girls dinner of the year with Tamela and Julia — Tuesday night!
  • Get my new contact lenses — the ones I have are the wrong prescription and have been giving me a headache for 6 months — yup. Time for this mama to take care of herself.
  • Finish for our summer adventure.  We leave for Spain to visit family and friends next Saturday and I have a lot to do to get myself and the kids ready.  I began packing over two months ago, and now am down to the finishing touches.  I’m having trouble sleeping because I’m scared about flying over there alone with everyone, but I know once we’re there it will be worth it.
  • Find the right day for Grandma and Grandpa to visit and plan that.
  • Make the kids practice their piano — recital Monday.
  • Back up all my vlogs from the past year.
  • Go back to the Apple Store — NOT KIDDING.  The new attempt to delete and reinstate my operating system did not work and I still don’t have iMovie nor Word so I can’t even see all the vlogs from the past year.  Can I cry?  Boo hoo!
  • Make it to one yoga class.  We have two graduations, one piano recital, four birthday parties, and countless errands to run this week so I’m setting my goal low for mid week.
  • Oh and here’s my little practical tip but sorry guys, it only applies to the womenfolk.  Do you get hot under the sun like me?  During a school performance?  Get an amazing thermal water bottle and pack it with ice.  Add Aloe Juice and lemon juice and you’re all set for some cool refreshment.  Then, if you’re really hot, slip an ice cube into your bra.  I’ve found that it doesn’t leak and helps me stay cool.  If this is to weird for you, hold an ice cube in each hand.  A quick tip for how to beat the heat this summer! Try it!!

Wishing all you amazing people an amazing week and don’t forget to enter our contest below! xoxoxox M

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