Weekly Wrap-Up — A Week of Firsts

Hello, hello!  In the spirit of the fall, I’m trying some new things on CloudMom, including this weekly post on what’s going on in our house…

It was truly a week of FIRST’S for us.  Lately, I’m thinking a lot lately about just conquering my fears and going for it.  This past week my kids had some of their firsts, and I had some of my own too.

Hedley headed off to school in his first pair of neon sneakers, chosen carefully without any input from Mommy.  I know what you’re thinkin’ … about time, right?  Well, we got there.  He matched them with bright yellow socks.

Hedley snearkers

After his first piano lesson, Lachie happily dove into an oversized cookie, giddy that he didn’t have to share it with any sibs!  Annaliese headed off to Pre-K, first time she’ll have lunch away from home.  She’s SO excited and I’m getting alot of specific requests about what to pack in her lunchbox.

Lachlan cookie


Marielle had her very first day of school!  She loved it, walked right in, and said “bye, Mommy.”  A full year of walking around the living room with her back-pack on made for good practice.

Annaliese and Marielle

And we tried two new things on the site.  This Weekly Wrap-Up post and our Friday Finds column, which is so much fun because I get to highlight pretty and practical things I found … if you have any good ideas for this, please comment below!

Friday Finds

Friday night itself was a first, because I got my first fall bouquet, from my sweetie, with a sweet note thanking me for what I do.  Made my weekend, that’s for sure!  Nagging was put to a stand-still!


And Sunday brought my first pork roast … stay tuned for the recipe this week.  I actually watched a YouTube video tutorial to help me get going.  The girls helped me stuff the roast with garlic and this fresh rosemary, which smells so good I want to put it in my bedroom (would that be weird?).


Here’s what’s cooking for this week:

  • Pay bills
  • Publish the weekly blogs
  • Start the “seasonal transfer” of the girls clothes… boys will be ok in shorts for another week or two, right?
  • Sign Marielle up for swimming
  • Write up my pork roast recipe for the blog
  • Learn how to “drop box” my photos onto Instagram
  • Meet the moms in Marielle’s playgroup for coffee — can’t wait!
  • Start reading my book club’s “summer book” so that they don’t kick me out — ha ha.

Hoping you lovelies have a fab week, and stay tuned for lots of fun stuff on CloudMom this week!

xo Melissa