Weekly Wrap-Up #8 — Survival and Striving

Howdy, mamas. Sitting here again with my feet up and my computer on my lap, and I’m thinking about being a mom and walking the line between SURVIVING and STRIVING. That is, as moms, we need to know when to just make it work and when to really go for it.

Our Halloween began as an exercise in survival. Our costumes arrived via Amazon at 6pm on Halloween eve. Talk about a close call! That afternoon, I put out our annual banner and stuck the cut-out pumpkins and bats we made last year onto the hallway walls. Carved at 5 p.m., our pumpkin was hardly Pinterest-worthy. With a slice of pizza in their tummies — as is our tradition — 3 soldiers, 1 princess, and 1 Minnie Mouse set off to descend through the stairwells in search of LOTS and LOTS of candy…

Halloween banner

Jack O Lantern

Kids on Halloween

By the end of the night one thing was clearer to me than ever before : where you bought the costumes or how much time you spent carving the pumpkin doesn’t matter at all: what matters is the fun you have with other people. We had so much fun going and visiting with elderly neighbors and catching up with other couples in the hallways of our building. Delighted with their costumes, the kids saluted each household rather than saying “trick or treat!”.

So that was Thursday. Today — Sunday — brought the opposite: the New York City Marathon. My beloved older sister Kirsten ran the marathon. Kirsten, or Kiki, as we call her, is an ON-GYN and takes care of women with really complicated pregnancies in a high-risk practice. Meanwhile, she has three young kids of her own. Through that, she’s come to know Christy Turlington and to support Every Woman Counts, an organization that’s fighting to help pregnant women worldwide get the support and resources they need to stay healthy as they prepare for their babies.

So, in our house last night was an extra 8 year-old friend who slept over, and Kiki (in an air mattress in the living room), who arose at 5a.m. to take the subway downtown to wait her turn to run.

While the boys breakfasted — looking very grown up as they perused the paper — I tried to figure out how on Earth we were going to spot Kiki.

boys having breakfast

Traversing gorgeous Central Park on an overcast but heavenly day seemed to be the best plan, so there we headed with some friends from the neighborhood in search of running loved ones.

Walking across Central Park

By around 12pm we were scanning the face of every passing runner. They passed and passed and passed. All different types of bodies, countries, and causes putting one foot in front of the other. We didn’t know if Kiki was past or coming, so we just waited.

And then we saw her.  “Aunt Kiki, Aunt Kiki!” the boys yelled, and she turned around, came back, and gave us a hug. Then turned to finish the final three miles. Here she is with the bright yellow jacket — steady, strong, and moving forward …!

Kiki running

Walking back through the park, Lachlan and Beckett started making plans to run the 26 miles next year. They seem to feel fully capable of pulling it off. Look how sure of themselves they are, these little guys…

Central Park

Lachlan and Beckett

Sometimes a mom just survives, sometimes another mom STRIVES and she inspires us all. She’s steady, strong, and moving forward and she just goes and makes everyone’s life around her better. That’s my sister.

Here’s my gorgeous sister with gorgeous Chrsity Turlington.  Wowsa.

Kiki and Christy Turlington

Wishing you a week of surviving and of moving forward to new places and new dreams.

xoxo Love, Melissa