Weekly Wrap Up #6 – The Power of New

When you’re a family, you can often have weeks that are just plain ordinary and then up pops an EXTRAordinary day. This was today.

We spent a few hours at the National Museum of Mathematics!

We learned that pentagons have five sides that don’t have to be the same length. This reminded me of how different each of my 5 children are, and of how different a mom I’ve been to each child as we’ve all grown up together into this family along the way. You know what, shapes are much more interesting when they don’t all look alike!

Here are the five purple pentagons that Marielle placed onto a magnet board. She loves purple just like me!

Purple Pentagons

 We played with balls, blocks, and the coolest magnets ever: colorful monkeys.

Marielle playing with blocks

Marielle with monkeys

We left with balloons, our spirits lifted. Walking down the sunny street, I thought about why. It’s pretty simple: we did something new.

Girls with balloons

When you spend your time picking Cheerios off the floor, deciding how to deal with tantrums, encouraging your kids 15 times a day to say ‘thank you’ and look someone in the eye, the monotony can creep in. It’s repeat, repeat, repeat. The remedy, from what I can tell, is just to break out of the ol’ box whenever you can.

Go somewhere out of the ordinary, eat something new, do something differently, spend your day in a different way.

You discover each other and you feel so alive together, as a family. This was what we discovered today.

Stay tuned for some fun things on CloudMom this week and thanks so much for reading!

xo Melissa