Weekly Wrap-Up #4: Keeping It Simple

Hello my friends.  Sunday morning and as Daddy and the kids make our classic brunch, I have a quick chance to reflect back on the week here on the site.  It was a week of little special moments and simple treats.

With my mom visiting last weekend, the kids got used to Swedish pancakes in the morning before school (can you believe she did that for me? Talk about making someone look bad — ha ha) so I tried to stick with the trend and made these organic buttermilk pancakes one day.  Breakfast wrapped up a little more quickly than usual!

Buttermilk Pancakes

One of my most relaxing moments was getting my teeth cleaned.  The hygienist ordered me to put down my phone and I had no choice but to sit back and just do nothing!  True Mommy “me time”, right ladies?

Dentist Office

Marc and I are on a new kick and last week it was really working: going to bed early!  We’re trying to eat dinner earlier and get to bed by 10.  Sounds boring but it allows me to get up in the morning and have a lovely 20 minutes of newspaper and coffee time before the elves awaken for school… hoping this week we can keep it up!


Marielle this week had some new moves of her own and officially joined the “cup holders” club.  Go Marielle!  Can’t believe I don’t have any babies taking bottles or sippy cups anymore.  Sniff!

Drinking from Cup

I published a vlog on how to save on clothes, which was a real theme this week as I took out some of the terrific things that have fallen into our lap from friends, including these adorable Mary Janes.

Handmedown clothes

Meals were a simple affair this week.  I am back to my fall and winter soups (recipes to come) and the boys are happy to indulge in their after-school pizza on Fridays, a New York classic that never disappoints.

Homemade Soup


As I walk the streets between all the little events of our lives, I’m trying to do less thinking about what I need to get done, and more looking at the beauty that’s right in front of me.  This building is on our daily walk and I’d never taken the time to really notice it before.  Well, this week I did.  Lesson learned from our London trip… look, look, look…Looking can help you relax and enjoy!


And I’ll end with one simple confession.  We’ve always avoided TV but sometimes, well sometimes, a few minutes of peace for Mama and Papa are worth the indulgence… What’s a childhood without a least a few good cartoons, right?  Plunk ’em down their ladies in the spirit of keeping it simple and not being so hard on ourselves.  Take a break!  You won’t regret it.

Kids watching TV

Wishing you a break from the franticness and simple, beautiful moments.

Happy end of weekend!

xo Melissa