Weekly Wrap Up #5: Finding Autumn

Hi friends. It’s a beautiful Fall weekend and Marc is making brunch. After that, our plan is to have the kids clean up. DELEGATING! Love it. Here are a few snap shots from our week.

This week was the first real week of Fall, and my girls adopted these hand-me-downs, outgrown cardigans from their older brothers, to head off to school. Marielle cracks a wide smile every morning now — she’s thrilled to be the one putting on her shoes and marching out the door after all those days of walking around the living room with her backpack on!

girls smiling

We’re enjoying cozy times after school. Someone special curled up next to me in our “office” (aka the laundry room) and it was so nice to have a buddy.

Boy reading Harry Potter

At the supermarket yesterday, I couldn’t resist this adorable scarecrow for the girls. Lo and behold, they were a bit scared by it and backed away suspiciously. “Is that a doll, Mommy?”, they asked. Then they said: “What do we do with it?” Good point! What do city girls do with a scarecrow?


Saturday lunch brought these mouth-watering apple cider doughnuts that I picked up at the supermarket — no I didn’t make them, sorry! Y U M!

Apple Cider Doughnuts

And Saturday night meant date night! I grabbed this satin pouch from the back of my closet which housed another old bag and used that as my bag! Love shopping in my closet and finding old stuff that seems new.


And the big excitement of the week came on Sunday morning, when out popped Beckett’s third tooth and our 17th family tooth thus far! For this and other reasons, the going rate chez nous from the tooth fairy is going down! How much do you guys give per tooth?

Lost tooth

I’m seeing the days and years go by faster than I want them to. I love having my kids young and being a family all together on weekends. This card really struck home with me. I’m so grateful for all the love and support my parents gave to me and my siblings and I’m just hoping that I can do the same for my little ones.

Ecard with Love of Children

Hope all of you are doing super and thanks so much for coming to CloudMom!  Stay tuned for some really fun videos this week and other goodies!

xo Melissa

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