Weekly Wrap-Up #3: The Magic of 365

Happy Sunday CloudMom’s!  This week saw our return from London.  Our first groggy adventure was climbing the 365 steps to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Fortunately, my legs didn’t buckle.  The 365 steps symbolize the 365 days of the year … got me thinking about the day in and day out of marriage.  Ideally you climb together each day… when you drift apart, you gotta try to get back onto the same staircase, right?

St Paul's stairs

After the 365 steps came a long walk along the Thames river.  Someone once said walking is God’s activity.  Long walks tend to bring good long talks.  We had a good walk and a good talk.

Marc and Melissa

Over the week, I was struck by the majesty and inventiveness of this grand city.  Look how the pigeons perched themselves alongside this royal blue rooster!  Birds of a feather (couldn’t help myself, sorry!)

blue rooster

Details in the architecture lift your spirits.  I’m resolved to try and find and savor these in New York as well, we have so many buildings but oftentimes, I barely notice them because I’m so absorbed with what is next versus what is now.  Food for the eye, food for the soul.

St Martin's in the Fields

And a nice, draft beer was the perfect refreshment after these brisk walks.  Come 6 o’clock, London folks were gathering in groups outside their local pubs — such a lovely tradition we Americans should import.  More gatherings, more fun times, more soaking up the everyday

British Pub

Marc and Melissa

So now I’m back, but trying to bring a little of the vacation spirit into our everyday and not get caught up yet again in the ole busyness factor.  Today we plan to just go out and walk as a family — we might not even know where we’re going, but I’m betting we’ll catch some magic along the way… together.

how to enjoy life

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for some fun stuff this week on CloudMom.

Love, Melissa xoxo