Weekly Wrap Up #17 – First Communion Joys

Hello everyone!  Busy week in my house with Beckett’s First Communion ceremony and lunch last Saturday and my nephew Seamus’ tomorrow.  Rather than share a hodge podge of photos from our week, I’ve decided to just focus on last Saturday which was such a special day for us.

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To start, I was just so proud that I managed to get everyone dressed.  The boys sported the same ties they wore last year to our friend’s wedding, along with the blue blazers I’ve begun to collect, and khakis.  I actually purchased the girls dresses years ago when they were very little and were saving them for this special day.  Somehow, magically, everything fit well enough and we were off to church.  Many of the girls were wearing long heirloom First Communion dresses from their mothers or grandmothers, and the boys wore white plants and shirts, ties and blue blazers.  Beckett’s pants were the same ones Hedley and Lachlan wore, a bit too short but he didn’t seem to notice.

My good friend Ryan Brown who is an amazing photographer stopped by our place to take these photos and others, and I’m so glad I had him come.  He’s such an amazing photographer and I’m so lucky to know him and have him up the street.  Plus he’s a sweetheart who brings a sense of calm to a busy event!

first communion ceremony

I was so happy to have my Mom and Dad there for the day (as well my sisters amazing kids) and to be able to spend time chatting.  My Mom and Dad have so many grandchildren and things are always chaotic when we see each other.  So more and more, I’m learning to appreciate any moment of calm I have with them.

first communion ceremony

Here’s my sweetie who I’m so grateful for.  He’s my rock, my anchor and the sweetest most kind-hearted person I know.  I’m lucky that he puts up with me!

first communion ceremony

Here’s the whole line-up, my babies and their Grandparents.  I never knew my maternal grandfather so I’m so incredibly happy that the kids are lucky enough to know theirs.

first communion ceremony

Beckett loved his day and grinned widely from start to finish.  He’s our middle child, #3 out of 5, so not often that he gets a special day for himself with the attention on him.  Non-Catholic friends have been asking me about the importance of First Communion and I’ve been telling them that aside from this right of passage for Catholic children where they can take communion, it’s an amazing way to celebrate your young child.  I’ve never seen Beckett look so calm and proud.

first communion ceremony

Everyone gobbled up the cake too, which I got from our favorite bakery around the corner.  The cake had white frosting but we did a chocolate filling and chocolate icing between the layers because we all love chocolate.  Life is short and when you can, go for what you love, right?

first communion ceremony

So that wraps up our Weekly Wrap Up my friends and thanks for sharing in our first communion celebration — thank you so much for looking at my pictures!  OH, and here are my goals for the week:

  • Get my camera out of its bag and shoot our Mother’s Day giveaway video!  I can’t wait to tell you what our special prizes are!  Yippee!
  • Go the gym — not a good week for me last week.
  • Start collecting what the kids need for summer (was this on last week’s to do list?)
  • Plan my parents 50th Anniversary gift!!!  Might be looking into Broadway tickets.
  • The winter-spring clothing changeover — i.e. get out some spring dresses because it’s getting hot.
  • Plan our next Fashion post.  So much fun.
  • Write my next Reflections Thursdays post on how to be happier, calmer and more centered…
  • Read more books to the girls
  • Call one old friend.
  • OH, and here’s my little weekly remedy.  Aloe Vera gel has become one of my favorite things.  In the morning if you are home, try smoothing it over your face and letting it sink it.  Try it on your scalp or any areas of your body that are dry.  It has such wonderful heeling properties and makes your skin smooth and soft.  I’ve also used this on my kids’ exzema and it has worked wonders.

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So that’s it my friends.  Hope you have an amazing weekend and thanks so much for following CloudMom.  Make sure to enter our giveaway below!

xo Melissa

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