Weekly Wrap Up #10 — Conquering Fears

Hello all!  It’s super chilly here in New York, so cold that we’re running instead of walking home to get out of a cold that nips your face! Hats are now mandatory and mittens are slowing me down since I keep putting them on my kids and yet they proceed to promptly fall off onto the sidewalk, leading to a few chilly tears…

Today’s isn’t really a weekly wrap-up…it’s a bi-weekly wrap-up since last weekend I was too wiped after getting back from Los Angeles to stay awake to get the blog out (sorry!)… Anyway, here are a few special moments from these weeks. In one, Mommy conquered her fears of being taped for a real studio show. In another, Marielle (my one child who has always been scared of dogs) got up the guts to pet a terrier!

So first, LA. Appearing as the guest on The Mom’s View YouTube show was an utter blast, but I had to work through serious butterflies in my stomach. Talking into your camera in your baby’s room is one thing, being taped with real cameras and a real crew when you haven’t a clue what you’re going to say is another… Totally new and scary experience for me. Here I am posing in the parking lot!Melissa at studio lot

My sister’s sweet and supportive presence made all the difference!  We hadn’t spent such quality time in years and I’m so lucky she could make the trip out there and cheer me on!

Melissa and her sister Kirsten

Here’s the whole gang and I can’t wait for the show to come out on December 12!  Kayli, Sharzad, and Angel are big YouTube stars — check out their awesome channels in case you don’t watch them already — and yet everyone was so sweet and welcoming.

The Moms View

On our way back, we squeezed in the Getty Museum, spectacular on a dewy night.

Getty Museum

So now I’m back in the swing of the things with the kids. Going through school papers, donning my yoga pants, and getting the Christmas decorations and clothes down from the tops of the closets. Winter is finally here. Once the girls caught a glimpse of their hand-me-down Christmas dresses from my good pal Julia, I couldn’t keep them away so they wore them today with their warm coats.

Girls in warm coats

And just as Mommy had overcome a scary thing, Marielle is working on her fear of dogs! This year, we’re planning to go out again to visit my beloved Aunt Simone and Uncle Will in Colorado and we’re bringing Marielle and Annaliese. Simone has two big dogs, two horses, and two cats. We’ve been worried about Marielle with the dogs because every time she sees a dog, she cries!  So we’ve started an official “Marielle meets dogs” campaign, and today was stop #1 with a small, lively terrier outside our house!  Here’s how it went.

We spotted this adorable terrier and decided he looked like a great candidate! At first, Marielle stayed WAY back and turned her head to the side! No way, I’m not having any of this, she was saying.

Hedley went up and pet the dog to show her how to do it!

The owners were so sweet and we brought the dog to her. I helped her hold out her hands and she pet the dog. She did get a little nervous but we kept saying “great job Marielle”, “you did it”, “you did it” so she forgot about being scared and got excited about the whole thing.

petting a dog petting a dog overcoming fear of dogs

I’ll be on the look-out for other nice doggies to help Marielle get over her fear, so look out for some more next week. If anyone has tips on how to help children overcome a fear of dogs, please let me know!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for my wonderful family and friends, and for those of you who read and watch CloudMom. God bless you all and thank you so much for your words of support!

xoxo Melissa