Ways to Make Memories with Your Kids

I get saved by other moms (and dads) nearly every week. Someone will bring one of my kids to a soccer game, invite them for a sleepover, or take them on a fun playdate.

How to Create Memories with your Kids

Sometimes, I envy these moms. I’m so betwixt and between my five kids that I sometimes feel like I spend more time organizing their lives than enjoying their lives alongside them. That’a a crucial distinction. We do so much for our kids, but a lot of that is behind the scenes, in ways they never see: making doctor’s appointments, registering them for activities or camps, buying clothing on line… the list is endless. True, we are lucky to have these problems and they’re part of doing business as a parent, but they don’t create the memories.

There’s only sure way to go about creating quality time with your kids: spend time with them. Plan a fun activity away from home or at home, and dive in there and do it along with your kids. Be there with them, enjoying life, soaking it up.

I can’t take credit for this photo of Marielle taken by one of my “mama savoirs” but I can use it to make my point. You don’t see a smile this wide come across Marielle’s face every day. She was so excited to be doing something special. That play date has turned into a fun memory for her, and she points it out every time we walk by a crafts studio. Sadly, even though the mom invited me to join, the memory wasn’t made with me. I was too overwhelmed with my to do list to join in the fun.

My summer resolve is to leave all I need to do behind and experience more of life with my kids, to push out of my mind the eternal “to do” list and live more in the moment. We have a month of May craziness in front of us before that can happen, but I can’t wait.

How do you go about making memories with your kids? Comment below and enter our Weekly Wrap Up.

Melissa xo

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