Washing White Clothes with Clorox®

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I admit it, I’m a perfectionist. Pulling my white towels out of the dryer and seeing a dismal coat of grey brings me dismay. Catch a colored sock among my towels from a load my husband did and mama’s on a rampage. That right: I separate my whites and colors and like my whites to be as clean and bright as they should be. Yet finding the right products to make this happen has not been easy. Many bleaches and whiteners claim to brighten and whiten but you never really see the difference from regular old laundry detergent. Well, that ain’t worth it, right?Tips for Washing White Clothes with Clorox®That name we all associate with white and bright, one of the world’s best cleaners  and certain the most well-regarded of the bleach brands — Clorox® — has just launched a new product that brings new meaning to white and bright. Clorox® Regular Bleach₂ with CloroMax™ Technology packs the same whitening, dirt-fighting and disinfecting power we, our mothers and grandmothers have loved and trusted, while protecting surfaces† and keeping clothes whiter longer* for a powerful, more protective and easier clean. Woo hoo!


Clorox® products should always be used only as directed and we mamas and papas need to pay close attention when using them in the home, especially with little ones running around. Clorox® should never be used by children. When used as directed, the patented CloroMax™ Technology invisibly adheres to hard surfaces, forming a protective shield that repels stains to make cleaning quicker and easier. As a mom who spends countless hours cleaning and scrubbing counters and surfaces, as well as washing whites, this is music to my ears.washing white clothes washing whitesBy October 2017, the new Clorox® Regular Bleach₂ with CloroMax™ Technology will replace Clorox® Regular-Bleach₁ in most stores. Dilution and usage instructions have changed slightly for some surfaces, laundry occasions, and disinfectants. Please pay close attention to those.

I am honored to be spreading the word about a new edition to this classic product used by our mothers and grandmothers across generations.

Mamas, stay strong, stay clean, stay tough, and enjoy your gorgeous children in their bright whites.

Love, Melissa

To see more, click here to check out Clorox® and Alfonso Ribeiro celebrate Taco Tuesday and the launch of new Clorox® Regular Bleach₂ with CloroMax™ Technology!

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†by reducing soil adhesion
*vs. Clorox® Regular-Bleach₁

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  • slehan

    I don’t have many whites and never use bleach. Can’t stand the smell.
    slehan at juno dot com

  • Mickie Hinds

    With kids and dogs I am always bleaching towels and sheets. My daughter cheers and her under clothes are white.. they are always getting dirty! I love my Clorox!

  • Mary Gardner

    I soak and the wash all of our white socks and t shirts. Any other whites including towels get a quick wash in Clorox as well. I would hate to live without it!

  • laura

    It’s a neverending battle to keep white clothes white, but Clorox is such a help!

    • Don’t know what I would do without it! Lifesaver!

  • Jennifer Oppel

    Bleach is the best product to keep the towels and socks White and fresh. I also love using bleach products to clean household surfaces.

  • covi16


  • Jennifer Keating

    I hate the way bleach makes my hands feel, but can’t beat how it it keeps those whites staying bright and white!

  • rosannepm

    My mother always used bleach and I continued the tradition. My aunt who is 87 still uses it to clean her kitchen Rosanne

    • Thanks for sharing, Rosanne! Cool to hear it is a family tradition!

  • Leela

    Clorox is my go-to laundry product for whites and getting rid of germs.

  • Anita

    I always use clorox for my whites and to disinfect and always keep it away from children

  • Pooch

    Just what I need to keep my white office shirts clean.

  • Stella Methvin

    I love having my whites white

  • Wanda McHenry

    I like that the new CloroMax Technology leaves a protective film to make your cleaning easier.

  • Dan Henry

    You’d think all bleach is the same, but Clorox is the best!

  • Buddy Garrett

    Clorox is the best for getting whites white.

  • Amber Lee Kolb

    Thank you for the information!! I love having bright whites!!

  • Molli Vandehey

    i am pretty scared of bleach but i really need sparkling whites

    • Clorox is a must try if you want sparkling whites! 🙂

  • shannon fowler

    Im scared of whites, and always have been. Ill have to try this though.

    • It makes laundry so much easier!

  • Sand

    I love clorox, makes my whites so bright!

    • It is simply the best for whites!!

  • magicalfollower

    It’s so weird seeing Clorox not being used as a bad meme on the internet.

    Anyway, very useful info.

  • William Dao

    Thanks for the tip, I’ve been trying to get my whites done properly for a while now!

    • No problem! Thanks for reading, William!

  • mami2jcn

    Bright whites look great!

  • MikeK

    Colorsafe bleach is the best

  • Javier del Rios

    Looks great

  • Natalie

    I have used Clorox products for a long time!

  • desithebonde

    i use it for aot of thing and then i been doing laundry since we were 12 and had to now what and how to use the laundry thing

  • Jennylyn Gross

    love clorox

  • kelly light

    Have always seperated my clothes and use clorox in every load of whites!

  • Beverly Waddell

    I too separate my clothes when washing and we always have Clorox in the house!!

    • Don’t know what I would do w/o it!

  • Linda G.

    I have always used Clorox, love the whitening power!

  • Elizabeth s

    Awesome! Lord knows how much laundry comes with kids haha

  • Oggy Chou

    Thank you for this article 🙂

  • NY Gray-Jay

    My main concern is how safe is bleach for the environment? I’ve read it kills ocean animals and sea coral.

  • rockzmycradle

    Cool. Love the idea.

  • Jerry Marquardt

    I love Clorox products. Thank you so much for featuring the nice review.

    • Sure! Thanks for reading, Jerry!

  • Rachael Debates-Hunt

    thanks for the tip!