Best Ways for Busy Moms to get Vitamin D

Hello all!

I finally made the time for a check-up with my doctor, and one thing I discovered is that I have a Vitamin D deficiency.  What?? It seems sort of surprising to be lacking the “sunshine vitamin” in the middle of summer, but I’m quite fair-skinned and I do lather on the sunscreen — perhaps too much!Best Ways for Busy Moms to get Vitamin D

So, what am I doing about this and why is it so important?

Easy Ways to get Vitamin D

My doctor told me that Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium from milk and can help prevent osteoporosis, breast cancer, and other diseases. Therefore, it’s super important to get sources of Vitamin D in order to stay a healthy mom! I’ve also heard that a certain amount of exposure to the sun BEFORE putting on sunscreen is healthy for you and actually helps your body produce the needed vitamin. In the winter, it’s also crucial to eat the right kinds of healthy food in order to get your daily Vitamin D fix!

Watch here to find out which foods can help and for more tips on how to keep your Vitamin D up to snuff!

Do you have any tips about getting enough vitamin D?  Comment below!

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