Vinyasa in Naffta Workout Clothes

Hello mamas. If you’re like me and spend a big part of your day in workout clothes (whether you’re working out or not!), shaking things up by trying out new colors and styles can really add spice to your day.


Last summer while in Barcelona, I discovered the brand Naffta and fell in love with the elegant simplicity and high quality of their designs.  In today’s post, I’m showing an outfit I’ve come to love while attempting two vinyassa yoga poses on the sand that I do at home when I don’t have time to get to the studio.  Caveat: I am not a certified yoga instructor and these poses are ones I myself am learning to do, so for complete instructions, please consult a pro!

A Spanish company, Naffta’s offers bold colors, simple, classic designs, and soft, smooth materials.  I’m in love with this navy outfit that I wear for yoga or a quick gym visit (it’s always quick for us moms, right?).

Here I am on the beach in Florida several weekends ago with my Naffta outfit.


I should NOT be wearing sunglasses FYI but the sun was SO bright that I could not see.  This vinyasa pose is called Virabhadrasana 2 or warrior 2.  Part of the sequence of warrior poses you’ll find in a vinyasa flow class, warrior 2 asks us to keep our hips and body sideways but our gaze forward. Keeping your back foot flat is very difficult and something I’m still working on.


The warrior 2 pose tones the leg muscles, increases flexibility of the back and helps you keep your tummy tight!  You have to remind yourself to suck in those abs.


This next pose I’m showing is called the One Legged Downward-Facing Dog pose (also known as Three-Legged Downward-Facing Dog).  In this pose, one leg goes to the sky while the other stays rooted.  Your hips should be squared and your toes active.  This pose tones and strengthens the standing leg and improves flexibility while opening your hips.  Traditionally, you should point your foot but you also can try this pose with your foot flexed.  Looking at myself below, I see that my shoulders should be pushed in more so that my back and head form a straight line — always something to improve, right?



Here’s my outfit again.  Check out the pretty piping along the bottom of the capri pants.  I love the mix of subdued and fresh colors.  The pants also have a neat pocket that adds some personality to the look.Naffta-fitness

So that winds up today’s fashion post.  It was fun to revisit this beach time since it’s pouring rain outside today.  Special thanks to the in-house CloudMom photographer my sweetie for snapping these pics during our weekend getaway.

Hope all you guys are doing great and thanks so much for reading CloudMom!!

xo Melissa