Up Close and Personal With Donald Trump!

Even though I don’t always agree with what he says, I’ve always had a secret admiration for Donald Trump.   Some people find “The Donald” to be arrogant, but I’ve always sort of respected him for getting out there, saying what he thinks, and just plain having guts.  As someone who worries far too much about what other people think about her, I respect the fact that Donald Trump puts that concern on the back-burner and just does what he wants to do!

Up close and personal with Donald Trump.

Since I’m a pretty small time blogger and video producer and Donald Trump is — um — Donald Trump, I never really thought I’d have the opportunity to get in the same room with him, but yesterday was my lucky day!

Katie Couric’s show invited me to be a guest blogger in the audience.  It was sort of a crazy day here in New York — cars lined Broadway in bumper to bumper traffic so I opted to walk to the studio (around 15 blocks from my apartment) rather that sit on the bus.  Wasn’t too happy with my hair, but that’s another issue.

When his segment came up, Trump bounded onto the stage.  He’s tall!  He talked about tweeting during Hurricane Sandy, answering Katie’s questions.  Spoke knowingly about “the crane” that came loose and was precariously dangling above 57th Street.

Then, he stayed to answer every single question that the audience members had.  A young woman about to graduate and search for a job in business asked him what he would recommend.

“Do what you love,” he said in essence. “Do something you love and never give up and eventually you will succeed.”

Some of the best career advice. Those words were like music to my ears.  After 10 years as a lawyer when I LIKED (I definitely did not LOVE my job), and then some years getting my feet wet in the worlds of video and the Internet, I am finally, finally, doing something professionally that I love.

I love what I do.  I love writing, I love shooting my videos in my baby’s nursery, and I especially love hearing from other moms about what they are going through.  I love working with my small team.  Working on CloudMom is a labor of love for me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

After a long few days stuck inside glued to the tragic events of the last few days, this experience of going to Katie’s show and seeing Donald Trump with his unbridled confidence in himself — and in New Yorkers — was a breath of fresh air.  My only regret?  I didn’t get the chance to ask Trump for HIS best parenting advice!