Fun Tooth Fairy Traditions for Kids

Hello CloudMamas!

I remember being so concerned when my little ones grew their first baby teeth. It seems like yesterday, but now my older boys are losing their baby teeth! In today’s vlog, I am sharing some great tooth fairy traditions.

What is your family’s favorite?

Fun Tooth Fairy Traditions for Kids

Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

One of my friends sprinkled food coloring in a glass of water on the nightstand next to her child’s bed, to imitate the tooth fairy’s “wing dust”. It was really fun for her son to then see the color of the tooth fairy’s wings when he woke up the next morning!

And here’s a tip for keeping the teeth organized (you know me!). I place them into separate envelopes for the different children with the date the tooth was lost. This way, I keep track of how many teeth each child has lost and when they lost them. For more tooth fairy tips, watch today’s video!

What are your family’s tooth fairy traditions? Do you save and keep track of lost teeth on a kids’ teeth chart? Comment below!

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