Travel Tips: Leaving Your Kids

Some parents would never vacation without kids – others are dying to get away.  It’s a personal choice and I try not to judge!

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Leaving Kids Behind

Although traveling without children might be easier than traveling WITH them, when you’re leaving kids behind you need to get your ducks in line more than usual.  In this vlog, I walk through things you can do to make leaving your kids a bit easier on yourself and on whoever is stepping into your shoes.

Super List

Step #1 to leaving your kids behind is your super list.  Here are some of the things I would include:

  • full calendar of any events or activities your child has scheduled
  • contact numbers for friends and neighbors
  • doctors office address and number
  • closest emergency room
  • list of medicines (and I would walk through these with the caregiver too)

Although putting this list together will take time, it will mean your leaving with your mind at ease.  Let me know if I forgot anything!

Julie Ross’ Notes and More

Parenting expert Julie Ross of Parenting Horizons, who has a ton of super ideas, also recommends that when you’re leaving your kids, you prepare drawings and notes for your child.  Julie is an absolute genius when it comes to practical advice on parenting – so check her out and follow her on Facebook!

Anyway, in this vlog I walk through why I agree that these notes are such a super idea.

I then give one last tip for getting THE MOST out of getting away.

Take a look and wishing you guilt-free travels.

Xo Melissa

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