Toytoise event in NYC featuring CloudMom!

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It’s almost hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner.  Our fall has been moving along at such a frantic pace that I still don’t feel as if I am in any sort of groove.  Someone mentioned shooting a holiday photo of their kids the other day and I almost gasped out loud — already??

One exciting thing is happening, though, which is whipping me into the holiday spirit.  I’m participating in a MasterCard-sponsored event, taking place Sunday, November 23rd at The Shops at Columbus Circle from 11am-1pm!  The event will feature Toytoise’s high-quality, high-end toys and offer to moms and dads a bundle of goodies as well as yummy treats to snack on.  It’ll be a fun way to usher in the holiday season and I’m really hoping to see some of you there!!

The event will offer me a chance to talk about trends in toys as well as about what toys have stood the test of time in my house.  This is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart since we live in a limited space and I’ve had to make judicious decisions when it comes to why we can keep and not.

When it comes to toys, I also have now adopted a “quality over quantity” attitude. Instead of cluttering my house (and my life!) with cheaper toys I know are guaranteed to break before the New Year, I’d much rather invest the extra money into quality toys my children will cherish for years to come! It’s so nice to see these special gifts being passed down from child to child, creating new memories with each passing Christmas. I’m also looking forward to watching my grandchildren playing with them, years down the road!  (Ooo, the makes me feel old!).

Happiness is making a child smile.

Playforever Mimmo Aeroplane

I have fallen in love with Toytoise, which happens to be down the street from me. They carry unique and long-lasting European and American-designed toys, perfect for children of all ages and the young-at-heart! Their designs are classic and contemporary, fanciful and functional, simple and sophisticated.

Early Rider Spherovelo Bike

Early Rider Spherovelo Bike



Take their Early Rider Spherovelo bike, for instance. This unique design is perfect for children 1-2 years old and is the world’s foremost ride-on that helps in the development of young children. With this product, your child will begin to learn how to ride a bike and will start making connections between their senses (vision, pressure, equilibrium) and their motor skills. It’s completely safe and loads of fun!

Toytoise Car Collection

Toytoise Car Collection

Midi 3 Race Car Buck Red Safari

Midi 3 Race Car

Their car collection is also a huge hit! From iconic classics like the Midi Race Car Clyde to more contemporary designs like the Metallic Le Mans, you’ll be sure to find quality toy cars in both wood and plastic for the little race car driver in your family. In addition to cars, Toytoise offers wonderful blocks and puzzles, dollhouses, satellites, airplanes, and ships!  Classic, stimulating, and designed in a way that will make your home more beautiful, these toys are a great investment for a family with young kids.

Toytoise Store

Toytoise Store

This Toytoise event is perfect for all parents ready to get a head start on their holiday toy shopping with their little ones! Here’s what you’ll get with each RSVP:

  • Complimentary catered breakfast bites for while you shop
  • Toy Trend Talks with me!
  • Kids’ Play Passport, featuring exclusive holiday offers to Cruciani, C. Wonder, J. Crew, Toytoise, and Whole Foods Market

Hope to see you all there to kick-start the holiday season!

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For more information and to RSVP, visit the official page for the event!

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