Toddler Parenting Tips: Food Battles

I had such a hard time with Marielle this morning I just had to make it into today’s Vlog.  There I was giving her oatmeal and Daddy walked in with some bagels, and she went berserk!  “Bagel, Bagel…” she yelled, and she wasn’t going to be happy with that oatmeal anymore.

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What to Feed Picky Toddler

A lot of you might think this kind of thing is about a kid being picky, but in this case, Marielle really was perfectly happy with the oatmeal before she had another more yummy option right in front of her!  So I asked myself, what are some good parenting tips for toddlers like mine who create these type of dramatic situations!  Maybe I’ll do a vlog!picky toddler

Watch this vlog for my toddler parenting tips based on this little food episode with Marielle and let me know whether you agree with me.  To me this wasn’t so much about the issue of how to feed a picky toddler, it was more about do you give the toddler what she wants at every moment of the day!  Hello people, am I right?!

Other moms, what have you done in circumstances like this?  If you disagree, weigh in!!  Comment below and thanks for watching! 

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