Tips for Warrior 3 Pose — Onzie Giveaway

Hello yogi mamas and welcome back to another Onzie giveaway. Here, I’m enjoying Spain’s Costa Brava and discussing Virabhadrasana III or the Warrior 3 pose, a favorite pose I’ve featured before.

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What are the benefits of Warrior 3?

The Warrior 3 pose encourages you to use all the muscles throughout your core, arms, legs and back. How do you do the warrior pose? Start in mountain pose and slowly lift one leg behind you (keeping it straight) with your arms held tight to the outside of your hips. Then, once you have found you balance, try bringing your arms forward so that your upper arms touch your ears. Keep your arms and leg very straight. It’s easy to get wobbly! If you fall (and I do a lot) just try, try again. I stare at one spot on the floor to gain stability. I also think about my core, imagining a small circle right in my center — that helps!

tips for Warrior 3 pose

Yoga does become a metaphor for life when you consider how challenging it is to keep your balance every day. Getting the right amount of food, exercise and sleep really helps. My better days come after a good yoga class which allows me to disconnect, concentrate, center myself and breathe.

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Onzie’s adorable yoga shorts and bras are great for bikram or vinyasa yoga, or even for a walk along the beach.

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I love the stripes on these shorts, and the celestial pattern to the bra. Stars and stripes together, yet across the Atlantic in Spain. Thanks so much for reading and make sure to enter our giveaway!

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