Time-Saving Tips When Filling Out Forms For Your Kids

Hello Mamas (and Dads, too!)

Before you can even think about scrambling around from sports practice, to music lessons, to dance recitals, and summer camps, you’ll have to fill out all those forms!

kid forms

Filling out forms for your kids is sort of a rite of passage for parents. And they can take up a lot of your time – Five kids means a LOT of forms to fill out for me. This video will give you my best tips on how to cut down on all those forms!

It's so fun to fill out my kid's school forms every year! - Said no parent ever

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Saving Time on Filling out Forms

One thing that really helps me when I’m filling out forms for my children is to write in all of the information that is the same for each kid (last name, address, parental information, etc.) and copy these. That way, I’ll just have to fill out the part of the form that is specific to one child. This has helped save me a lot of time. For more on school forms and saving time, keep watching!

If you have any time-saving advice for kid forms or anything else kids-related, please add your comment below!