The Royal Baby Nickname

Cafemom’s The Stir is reporting that the royal baby boy already has a nickname, bestowed upon him by Grandpa Prince Charles: Georgie!  I’m certainly not a royal expert, but I have to admit I called this one.

The Royal Baby Nickname

Maybe it’s because almost all my kids have nicknames that end with “ie” or “y” sound.  We call my second Lachie (instead of Lachlan), we call my girls “Annaliesie” (instead of Annaliese) and “Mariellie” (instead of Marielle).  Hedley, my first, already ends with a y sound.  And for Beckett, my third, yes, I have to admit it: I do say Becky from time to time.  He doesn’t like it so I try to restrain myself!

Are you a nickname person or not?  Did you grow up with  family nicknames?  Comment below!

Family Nicknames

I grew up with nicknames!  My real name is Melissa but my family has always called me Lisa.  My sister is Kirsten but she is Kiki for our family.  My brothers are Chris (Christopher) and Jamie (for James).  These were the family given nicknames we had since we were babies — we never used our real names!  I decided upon entering college that I was more likely to get a boyfriend and be cool if I went by Melissa (?).  It didn’t work but the rest is history!

Then, in my family growing up, there were the not so favored nicknames of the teenage years!  I don’t need to go into those because they weren’t very flattering for any of us.

When my husband and I were picking our babies names, what their nicknames would be was a big part of the discussion.  But I’ve noticed lately how much nickname usage has changed.  More often now people seem to be opting for the full formal name that we never used growing up!  I see fewer Jim’s now (whereas there were a lot growing up), and more of James; fewer Bill’s (more of William or Will); and not as many Becky’s (whereas Rebecca seems to remain quite popular).  Are we Americans getting more classic?

To me, you’re either a nickname person or not.  Does your baby have a family nickname?  Do you?  Do certain family members call your baby by a nickname while others do not?  Share below!

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