Talking, um, Mommy Constipation

Whether you are a kid or an adult, constipation is not one of those things that most of us feel comfortable discussing!  Meanwhile, one of the things that really changes when you become a mom or dad is your T-I-M-E and your ability to spend time in the bathroom – I’m serious.

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In this vlog, I quickly explore this topic and talk about what you can try as a mom to do to give yourself some regularity, so to speak.

Constipation Remedies for Adults

We all know the drill when it comes to foods for constipation in adults: fiber, fruit, water and plenty of liquid… maybe even something exotic like flax seeds.  But here’s the thing, when you’re a busy mom, you often don’t have time to reflect and plan what your eating, nor do you have time to yourself in the morning!

In this vlog, I give some practical tips for dealing with all of this.  If you have some ideas re mom constipation or constipation remedies for adults generally, please don’t be bashful and share them.  I know a lot of other busy moms will be grateful!  In fact, we’ll thank you as we’re sitting on the potty!

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