Tackling Lack of Motivation

Hello everyone. What do you guys do when you get in a RUT and feeling a lack of self motivation regarding daily tasks in your life, like cooking, work, exercise? There’s so much we need to do and we want to do it well, but sometimes mustering up the energy to do it at all is hard.

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Feeling Unmotivated

Well, I put as much pressure on myself as anyone else, but yet I believe in treating yourself well during these periods and allowing yourself to be comfortable with not doing something with the same intensity. I also think it’s good to try to keep things afloat, moving, without totally throwing in the towel. For me, the killer is going cold turkey with anything. When I throw in the towel, it is SO much harder to get back in the swing of things. And maybe one of the causes of lack of motivation is all the PRESSURE we put on ourselves to do things well. So lowering that pressure can help. As my husband always reminds me, “the perfect is the enemy of the good.” Love that!

In today’s video, I’m making the point that for me, not being so hard on myself and allowing myself a period of time when I just shuffle through, and don’t do things with the same intensity or to the same degree, is one key to handling this problem of lack of motivation … because inevitably, my situation or mood switches back, that lack of self motivation goes away, and I feel refreshed and renewed with my batteries recharged and I’m happy to work, blog, cook, etc.

Watch my video for some other tips on how to overcome lack of motivation, and please share yours!

Happy Spring!

xo Melissa