Swedish Desserts for Christmas

I’m a creature of habit. In my family, we eat the same meals, buy the same products, and bake the same cookies and cakes. Once I find something that works – which means it’s easy to procure or prepare and my troops like it – I’m IN forever.

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Fortunately the holidays bless this conservative approach. Kids look forward to enjoying the same treats they had last year and the year before that. Meanwhile, those of us with our aprons on take solace in feeling in control. If, like me, new recipes scare and overwhelm you, then you won’t judge me for presenting two old favorites on the site today.

Swedish Butter Cookies

Our favorite butter cookies are so flavorful that the Swedish name for them is drömmar or “dreams”. My mother remembers her father popping them into his mouth whole. My kids sneak them out of the cookie jar, running out of the kitchen before I can stay “wait”! You can forego the almond on top if your house is nut-free. Once you get the hang of these, you can whip up a batch start to finish in less than an hour.swedish butter cookies

Christmas Cake Recipe

Moist and flavorful pumpkin cake never disappoints. You can sprinkle powdered sugar or drape a glaze atop this cake if you’re looking for something a bit more sweet and fancy. I cut the sugar from this recipe in half and my kids don’t seem to notice. It makes a great dessert and doubles as a healthy afternoon snack.christmas treats
Mamas, once you make this you won’t turn back! It will become sort of your holiday protocol – I promise!

swedish desserts

Happy holidays!


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