Traveling Internationally With 5 Kids!

Hello, hello, hello hola hola hola everyone! So we are finally settling in here in Spain. I’ve managed to connect to the Internet and upload my first video of our trip. Yeah! This one’s abut our flight over here. How we got on and off the plane, and bits and pieces of our first day. All in all one big tiring, exiting adventure! I was so scared to make this journey on my own, but in the end, it worked out pretty well, better than I would have thought.

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Surviving Long Flights with Kids

In the video, you’ll see my kiddies boarding and leaving the plane, helping me with the suitcases and bags. Not so bad, right? I thought so too, but not everyone sees eye to eye. The second we got on the plane, a family next to us starting rolling their eyes and making loud comments like “well, I guess we’ll need ear plugs!” Before we had even sat down. Innocent until proven guilty, right? Honestly, the most stressful part of our trip was that rudeness from fellow passengers. I know kids can be loud and disruptive on planes, believe me, but not always and I feel like sometimes other passengers can be so unwelcoming. I didn’t put this family in the video for obvious reasons (!) but for other moms who have made journeys like this, I am betting you can relate! We had our sweet revenge — ha ha — because honestly, the kids were very good and Marielle barely cried. So there!

Got tips on flying with children based on your own lessons learned?  Please share in the comments below!

We made it through the night with very little sleep, and the next day both the kids and me were definitely feeling the jet lag! My solution was to just not put them to bed. I worried that with a nap, they would never be able to get up and then they would be totally off schedule. So I kept them up, put them to bed at 7, and did the same thing the next day. By day 3, they now seem OK.

It was such a dream of my to experience Europe with my kids and I am so happy to be here. After over one year of planning and preparations, it’s all paying off. I keep telling my kids how much work I did so hopefully they appreciate it – ha ha. If you have any questions for me about our plane trip to Europe or flying in general with kids or babies, please ask below because I am happy to try to help. And for moms that have done plane travel with their kids or babies and want to share their experiences, please do so!

Check back in in another day or so for our second video from Spain. We took a tour bus and saw the Sagrada Familia — amazing. Thanks for watching Cloudmom!

xo Melissa