Save on Healthcare Costs with SingleCare

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For any family with young kids, medical care poses a huge challenge. First, you struggle to find the right doctors. Then, to get appointments. Then, when prescription medicines are needed, you strive to make sure your insurance company (if you are lucky enough to have insurance) will keep costs reasonable. All of this brings undue stress into the lives of already overwhelmed parents.How to Save on Healthcare Costs with SingleCare

Introducing SingleCare. SingleCare’s membership program offers savings on prescriptions, dental, vision, and on-demand virtual doctor visits. Whether it’s a life-saving drug or a routine dental cleaning, SingleCare allows you to get care without worrying about networks, coverage limitations or


SingleCare is free to join and members save money when they fill a prescription using their SingleCare card or when they visit a SingleCare dentist, optometrist, or have an online doctor visit. It’s simple and easy to join. SingleCare displays pricing for each service offered, allowing you to estimate what your procedure will cost. Over 200,000 providers nationwide participate in SingleCare, allowing you to have a broad choice.

singlecare appSingleCare partners with medical providers and negotiates special rates so that you can save without compromising. Each week SingleCare is offering such savings to over 10,000 new members.

What’s more, SingleCare’s pharmacy savings card is accepted nationwide at over 35,000 pharmacies, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and Kroger’s. Simply bring your SingleCare card to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to process your prescription using the BIN and PCN number found on your card. You’ll save up to 80% off your prescriptions.That face you get when you see the bill from your child's doctor visit.Save money on your family’s healthcare costs by purchasing your medical services and prescriptions through SingleCare.

Learn more by checking out their app at either the iTunes or Google Play store, or on their website at You’ll be happy you did.

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