$50 Amazon Giveaway & Ice Cream EVERYWHERE!!!

Hello, my dears! Today’s video is #3 in this summer’s family adventure “series”. Doesn’t that sound organized, ha ha. Our day was off to a sort of slow start since Mommy didn’t think to buy tickets in advance to the Sagrada Familia. Turns out that if you don’t buy advance tickets, you can wait in line for hours and hours and hours (I saw some pretty cranky faces on that long line). When visiting a place like Spain with kids, long waits are better off avoided, right?  I did finally find tickets online, and we got to the Sagrada Familia early. They take you at your start time and not a second before — so if you’re an early bird like my hubs, be prepared to get ready and wait!

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Looking back, I’m thrilled with our decision to get an audio guide for each of the kids. Although I’m not sure how much information they gleaned from it, it gave them something to play with. For Marielle, it was more of a toy! But it kept her occupied and happy, made her feel a part of things, and avoided tantrums. I think my older boys might have learned a thing or two; they seemed to be listening in any case, which you’ll see in the video.

After the Sagrada Familia, we explored the old city of Barcelona, visited the Picasso museum and indulged in a very drippy ice cream cone that gets all over Marielle’s dress. (Three stain removal attempts later, that chocolate ice cream will be with us on that dress forever — oh well, let go of the small things, right?).

Describe how and with what your child got the messiest ever (and did you get the stain out?) and enter to win a $50 gift card from Amazon!  Enter by commenting below anytime between now and Wednesday, July 2nd at 9am!  Good luck! *Giveaway has ended.

I can’t show the works of art for obvious reasons but Barcelona’s Picasso Museum has some of the master’s earliest works, paintings and drawings done when he was just a teenager still living in Spain. The boys kept saying: “wait, how old was he?” Hopefully this will whet their appetite to do more art! A lovely old staircase led us out of the museum.

As you can see from my tired face at the end of the video, this day that was like no other and one of the most fantastic our family has ever had was also one of the most exhausting and draining, pretty much par for the course when traveling with kids, right? Marc and I were asleep by 9pm and the next day, fashion was thrown to the wind and sneakers became a MUST. Stay tuned for our next adventure day and thanks so much for  watching CloudMom!

xo Melissa