Roller Skates for Beginners

Hi there everyone. The biggest benefit of our move to Spain has been good-old, simple time. Time is one of those free commodities that we moms tend to squander away by simply planning too much. We all fall into the “over scheduling” trap: it feels good to expose our children to different cultural and athletic endeavors, and this enthusiasm leads us to pack in whatever we can whenever we can. But when we plan out the day, we chip away at un-scheduled time, which allows for kids to discover who they are since they get to choose what they do and who they do it with, and for parents to observe who they are through seeing what they like.

Anyway…. this drastic move has been good for us since we have more time together and more downtime on weekends to try new things.

Got any tips regarding how to teach skating to your kids? Comment below and enter our weekly giveaway.

Roller Skates for Beginners

Annaliese had been asking for roller skates for a while and for her birthday this month, I took the plunge. Lucky for her, Marielle received a pair also. I wanted them to be able to go out skating together.

Now, onto the good part. Here are some photos of one of my girls’ first forays on skates. At my new home away from home, Decathon, I splurged on skates, socks, and arm and knee protectors. Since our ski helmets fit the bill, a very complete outfit was in place and we set out.

roller skating kids

kids learning to roller skate

Benefits of Roller Skating for Kids 

In addition to building balance, coordination, and strength — and getting kids out into the fresh air — one of the biggest benefits of roller skating is learning to fall. We all fall (metaphorically speaking) every day in life. Improving at something takes commitment and hard work. No matter what the activity at hand, you might start out wobbly, and even crash down for lack of skill. but if you keep at it, you will hit a stride, getting better each time you attempt the activity you are trying. I believe that self-confidence stems for seeing yourself strive in difficult situations, and knowing that you have the strength to pull through when things are difficult.

My girls struggled when they first put on their skates. They clutched onto the kitchen table fearing letting go. Once outside, they had trouble getting their balance and fell again and again. Yet they kept at it and had fun. Fun was had and life lessons were learned.

roller skating

Stretching to do something new (and something you are not necessarily good at) makes you grow as a person. This, our kids teach to us.

learning to roller skate

What new activities have you attempted with your kids lately? Thanks for reading and make sure to enter our weekly giveaway.




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