Really Basic Hairstyles for Moms

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you had a terrific weekend.  We had gorgeous weather here, which made for some nice strolls outside.  On Sunday, we spent the afternoon prepping a big family dinner for a few other families.  Our menu got curtailed last minute and we had to bag the tiramisu when I realized it required several hours refrigeration (oops!), but we went ahead with the rest of it, including a yummy French beans recipe I plan to post this Friday.  Stay tuned for that.  Worked out well though because one of the families brought yummy cupcakes and the other a good salad.easy hairstyles for mom

OK, today’s vlog.  When you’re expecting a baby, learning a few really basic hairstyles for moms will serve you well for that day when blow dryers and mousse are as far away as a tall drink on an exotic beach.

Make sure to take notes on my vlog because that way you’ll be able to do these on your own.  Ha ha!

Hairstyles for Mom

I hope you’ll chuckle as I did when I sat down and realized how much my look has suffered since I’ve had kids.   Haircuts for moms don’t happen too often, and I for one know I can go months and months without a good trim.  My record is one year, which happened after Marielle was born. That and infrequent shampooing means that my hair usually goes up.  And when I say up, I’m not talking French twist here ladies!

Do you have a hairstyle for moms to recommend that’s worked for you?  How do you wear your hair most days?  And for a night out?

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