Postpartum 101: Your Vagina After Giving Birth

Hello Mommies!

Hope you’ve been enjoying these postpartum videos on how to deal with all sorts of issues after you’ve gone through childbirth. Delivering a child takes a major toll on your body, and, if you had a natural birth, especially your vagina. In this video, I’ll cover the topic of vaginas after giving birth as delicately as possible!

Postpartum 101: Your Vagina After Giving Birth

Post-Pregnancy Body

This is an embarrassing topic for everyone, myself included, but it’s important that we talk about it! After giving birth to your baby, you may experience some postpartum vaginal pain. I’m here to help with this video on how to treat such discomfort after your baby has been born!

Watch to see what to expect from your body after giving birth and what you can do. And don’t be shy — share your tips by commenting below – I look forward to hearing from you.