Postpartum 101: Sex After Baby

Hello Mamas!

When you’re dealing with a new baby in the house, sex is probably the last thing on your mind, unless you’re trying for another. So, Moms, let’s talk about sex…after childbirth! To be frank, it isn’t all that sexy!

Postpartum 101: Sex After Baby

Your Body After Giving Birth

Here’s my take on sex after giving birth. And we’re definitely not talking Fifty Shades of Grey here, people! (Though from the trailer, I wish we were!) There are definitely some things that helped, though, when it came to sex and my postpartum body. I will warn you that your body after giving birth might not be the same – but it is not all bad!

To the brave women out there who once were postpartum women, or are going through postpartum right now, please comment below to let me know below how sex after baby was different for you.  How did you handle sex after birth?  Were you into it?  Did it take a while?  Share below!