Postpartum 101: Going to the Bathroom After Baby

Hello Mamas!

Hope everything with your child’s birth went smoothly and you are enjoying your time with your new bundle of joy! One thing that I know a lot of women suffer through is postpartum constipation. This video will and the others in the postpartum series will hopefully help you out with this and other things to expect after giving birth!

Postpartum 101: Going to the Bathroom After Baby

Constipation after Pregnancy

After-birth healing is different from one woman to the next.  Today we’re getting into the nitty gritty regarding things to expect after giving birth.  Sorry to bring this on you, but going to the bathroom is one of them.  Check out what you might experience post-baby, such as constipation after giving birth.  Keep watching, as I also give some steps you can take to deal with this problem!

Did anyone warn you about constipation when you gave birth?   How was your general recovery from birth?  Any advice to share?  Please comment below – I would love to hear from you!