Postpartum 101: Going to the Bathroom After Baby

Hello Mamas!

Hope everything with your child’s birth went smoothly and you are enjoying your time with your new bundle of joy! One thing that I know a lot of women suffer through is postpartum constipation. This video will and the others in the postpartum series will hopefully help you out with this and other things to expect after giving birth!

Postpartum 101: Going to the Bathroom After Baby

Constipation after Pregnancy

After-birth healing is different from one woman to the next.  Today we’re getting into the nitty gritty regarding things to expect after giving birth.  Sorry to bring this on you, but going to the bathroom is one of them.  Check out what you might experience post-baby, such as constipation after giving birth.  Keep watching, as I also give some steps you can take to deal with this problem!

Did anyone warn you about constipation when you gave birth?   How was your general recovery from birth?  Any advice to share?  Please comment below – I would love to hear from you!

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  • Walkersmom

    Melissa!! I wish i watched this before Walker came into the world, ha. This is so true ladies! I was terrified and cried. I pushed for 3 hours and was exhausted days later! Another thing you may want to had to your vlog is….hemorrhoids…..such a sore subject but i did get one and it was weeks after birth maybe 5-8 weeks i noticed it and it hurt. he is 12 weeks now and almost fully recovered. Drink lots of water and eat tons of veggies!! love your videos melissa!

    • I LOVE you for saying that — please spread the word! This truly is one of those things nobody talks about but it can be a bit issue! Thanks so much for watching!! xo Melissa

  • marlenecpm

    Out of 7 kids, the only time I any trouble with my nether parts functioning well after the birth , was the one time the doc did an episiotomy (which I asked him not to do, but got anyway 🙁 !). The other 6 kids were born over an intact perineum & I had no trouble at all afterwards!
    Moral of the story is: a tender bottom is not the result of birth, it is the result of birth trauma, which rarely happens with natural births, mostly a result of unnecessary interventions.

  • Wendy

    I found you completely by accident and all I want to say is thankyou. I don’t have any tips sorry but I am going to start trying to conceive soon and you are the first blogger I have found that has been practical and truthful. So thankyou

    • Wendy, bless you and best of luck. Stay healthy and calm — and stay in touch!!

  • Christi

    Love, love, love your videos!;) My do time is in the end of January and I’m watching your clips of everything over and over again! When I had my first baby I suffered baby blues and didn’t know what to do with my feelings. Now expecting my third baby I’ m little bit more prepeard for what’s coming 🙂 I think all problems hitt you very hard if you are controllfreek like me. So all moms-just let go things go and enjoy your baby ! Excuse my English because my native language is Estonia 🙂 I will keep watching Your video logs because I need some advice like what to buy for a new born, sexlife after birth or baby foods and etc., etc.,etc..

    • Thanks for writing in from Estonia and best of luck with #3! xo M