Popular Baby Monitor Models Prone to Hacking

Hello everybody!  If you’re a parent of a young infant, read up!

Popular Baby Monitor Models Prone to Hacking

I, like most of you, relied on baby monitors to keep an eye on my five children when they were very young. It really gave my hubby and I the reassuring sense that our child was safe and being looked after. And if my baby was restless and fussy in his sleep, we would instantly know and could check in on him in the other room. Although my five kids are now way past the baby monitor age, a recent news story caught my attention and I just had to share my findings with you all. What really shocked me was the evidence that baby monitors might not be as safe as we once thought!

After reading this article, I know a lot of my readers will be asking themselves, ‘could my baby monitor be susceptible to hacking?’

A recently published article by BBC News entitled “Web baby-monitoring cameras open to hacking, study warns” cites some scary information from US IT security company Rapid7. According to the company, “even the most rudimentary hacking attempts could give hackers access to the devices.”

As parents, mostly all of us have bought and used baby monitors, taking a leap of faith when it comes to protecting our child’s safety and privacy. Because the newer models of monitors work by filming your baby while they sleep in their crib and sending a video stream to a personal site or smartphone app, potentially serious security problems can easily occur.

So you might be thinking ‘my baby monitor is top-of-the-line, I’m perfectly safe.’ Well, according to the company’s study of several baby monitor designs, more expensive doesn’t always mean safer.  In reality, Mark Stanislav, senior security consultant at Rapid7, states that “more expensive models come with extra features, potentially giving hackers more ways to access a camera or its video stream.”

The article goes on to say that one of the baby monitor companies, Summer Infant, is reviewing the findings and taking “any necessary precautions” to protect its customers’ security. (And this isn’t the first time Summer Infant baby monitors have been in hot water. Here’s another recall I’ve reported on concerning their baby monitor batteries!)

If you’re a parent using a web-connected baby-monitoring camera, I would strongly suggest doing your own research on the company, staying updated on their safety features, and checking in on any steps they are taking to keep their baby products safe. This is some really scary stuff for any parent so it pays to do your homework on the products you’re putting into your house, especially your baby’s room!

Stay safe, parents! And for other news on baby product recalls and baby product safety, please check out my page!