Poop Patrol: Lessons From a Midnight Mess

Hello, hello!

Well, not what I wanted to be dealing with, but one of my boys had a big accident in the middle of the night recently, and I learned a big lesson about keeping toilet tabs on my already-potty-trained kids!

Poop Patrol: Lessons From a Midnight Mess

Accidents after Potty Training

The incident in my house really got me thinking about my parenting and how I’m taking care of the older kids in my family. Sometimes I’m just focusing all my attention on the babies and not worrying about potty training older kids. My son is a pretty wound-up boy and doesn’t like to take the time to sit on the toilet. How would you Moms out there solve this problem of a kid who doesn’t like to sit on the potty? Watch my vlog to see my thoughts on the topic!

Has anything like this ever happened to your kiddies? How did you handle the potty training regression? Comment below!

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