PeaPod Travel Beds Recalled After Infant Death

Moms & Dads,

A very frightening CPSC recall to tell you about today. It gives me chills to report this as I’ve used this product many times including a recent hotel trip with my youngest daughter, Marielle. 220,000 PeaPod Travel Beds have been recalled after the death of an infant boy in 2011. Infants can roll off of the inflatable air mattress inside and become entrapped between the mattress and sides of the tent causing a suffocation risk, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A 5-month old infant died while napping in the crib with his twin sister. The infant was found with his face pressed against the side of the tent. The cause of death was not determined, said the CPSC. The sister was reportedly unharmed. There have been additional reports of other infants becoming trapped 0r experiencing physical distress while using the product.

If you have one of these beds, go to the CPSC’s site to see if your model is affected. The travel tents are made by KidCo and were sold nationwide and on from January 2005 until now for between $70-$100.

If you own one of these tents, stop using it immediately & contact KidCo for a free repair kit!