My New Year’s Resolutions … Just a Tad Bit Late

Hi everyone!  For some reason, I have been craving writing up a list of resolutions this year and it’s been driving my crazy that I haven’t had the time to do so yet.  With the kids back in school just today, I finally had time to sit down and write them.  Wondering to myself why it was so important to me to jot these down?

New Years' resolutions

I’ve given up on being a perfect mom, so it’s not that.  It’s more that I’m so into trying to do better.  I know that I don’t do everything right as a mom but each day I feel this lift of invigoration to try my best… Maybe that’s wrong, maybe that’s right, but I know it’s me.  I’m a trier… Here’s what I want to try to do in 2015:

1) Make homemade cookies once a week.  Now, this isn’t some sort of Leave It To Beaver fantasy nor an attempt to be a perfect mom.  I want to make cookies because I am trying to make our family healthier and to stop buying things we don’t need, and I know that making my own cookies will solve this problem for me in the snack area.  Today I tried organic oatmeal, chocolate, walnut and raisin cookies.  Unfortunately, I forgot the baking soda and had to take them out after 5 minutes and mix that in, so can’t promise this batch will be edible.  I also left them in the oven too long and many of the raisins popped off and looked burnt.  But at least they look chocolately and I know my kids will prefer this type of thing if I can get it down over their other routine snacks, and that there’s some nutrition in there.

2) Read Marielle two books every day before her nap.  Evening has become a mad rush of homework, piano, and school projects and I want to make sure my littlest one gets her book time too.  Best time for her is when the house is empty so nap time it is… too often I just put her down with Twinkle Twinkle because I’m rushed.

3) Drink a TON of water.  We all know the benefits.  Everytime I go into the kitchen, I’m going to try to drink a tall glass.  Oh, and when I’m on the run as well via a good water bottle that doesn’t leak all over my stuff.  Suggestions, anyone?

4) No phone or computer after 9pm.  This was one of last year’s New Year’s resolutions and I stuck to it about 85% of the time, making a huge difference to me.  Now to that other 15%…I’m not counting TV as part of this because don’t even mess with Downton Abbey!

5) See more movies.  Last year, I vowed to see ONE movie — Les Mis — in the theatre before the Oscar’s.  I broke that vow, and Marc and I actually watched it over Thanksgiving weekend!  This year, I’m aiming for two movies in the theatre.  I know what you’re thinking, ambitious!  Ha.

6) Do cardio 2-3x a week.  I do yoga and a toning class when I can, but cardio has suffered and I go once a week if I’m lucky.

7) Eat healthier and more varied meals and snacks.  We’re pretty good, and I’m buying organic when I can.  Now, I want to get even better and I want to offer my kids and hubs more interesting food.  Today, I’m trying purple potatoes in steamed in coconut oil and cilantro. They’re supposed to be very good for you.  Hope the kids eat ’em!

8) Soak up the special moments.  Always thinking about what’s ahead and what’s to be done can dampen the beauty of our best moments.  Next time the boys are laughing SO LOUD and bouncing off of themselves and the walls, falling into a pile on the floor and roaring with laughter, I’m going to try to absorb the sheer joy of just watching them and having them with me … and to let them be kids!

9) Worry less about how I look.  Very, very tough.  I’m the type who looks in the mirror and sees every imperfection and then walks around thinking about it.  Now, I’m trying to bounce ahead in time: in 10 years, I know I’ll look back at pics and think that as of now, I look pretty ok.  So I’m going to be trying to enjoy what I have now.  If anyone has come to peace with this, please let me know how you got there because I have no clue how I’m going to accomplish this resolution.

10) Prioritize better.  This is a biggie.  I’m learning I can’t do everything for my business, my kids, my family nor my friends, but what I can do — and what will make me feel more calm — is try to make good choices and bridge the gap with kindness and love.  Set up a coffee with a friend I love and trust, make a plan to go to the theatre with my kids and sister and cousins, spend a quality co-birthday dinner with my beloved Dad.  Rather than worry that I can’t get to know every single Mom in every single one of my kid’s classes (call me weird, that’s how I feel), I want to just be happy for the wonderful Mom-friends I do know and try to deepen those relationships .

Well, that’s it for now and it’s a tall order.  But it’s Monday and I’m feeling super positive.  And blessed.  So very blessed to have my 5 wonders and my husband and family and friends.  And so incredibly grateful to each and every person who has come to the site and watched a video.  If you have New Year’s resolutions or 2014 priorities you’d like to share, please do so below as I’ll be inspired to read them.

Happy New Year!!!  So excited about 2014 and all the fun stuff I’m planning for the site.  See ‘ya tomorrow hopefully!

Love, xoxo Melissa