Slow Down and Eat, Kid!

Hello my dears!  Are you like me in that you have this IDEAL for how everyone in your family is going to eat, but then in reality, you can’t squeeze it all in because you are so often so rushed?  That’s today’s video.

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids on the Go

Breakfast in my house is a very quick process.  As an attempt to break out of our cereal and banana rut, we’ve been trying to do whole grain waffles, eggs, and pancakes.  Our staple is marrying these with fruit salad and milk.  When my boys dawdle and don’t finish, I insist they finish the milk and fruit.  Figure at least they go off with something nutritious in their tummies.

Quick Healthy Snack for Kids on the Go

Snacks are always a challenge, because we live in the city and my kids are always begging me for a pricey bakery treat.  So we’ve started to make our own cookies once a week.

To see what’s in them, and hear more about how I try to find small ways to make healthy eating possible in our busy home, watch my video.  It’s a work in progress but we’re getting there.  Oh, and please weigh in with what happens in your house!

Thanks for watching!