Onzie Flip Dog Giveaway

This is a sponsored post. CloudMom received goods in exchange for this post. The ideas and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Hiya mamas and welcome back to another giveaway with our lovely sponsor Onzie yoga wear.

We mamas become masters of flipping things around. When the karma in your house runs dry and your kids are bickering and complaining, you face two paths.  One: snap back at them and watch your household’s ambiance turn from bad to worse.  Two: flip the energy.  Put a smile on your face and suggest a new activity.  Get everyone’s sneakers on and pile them into the elevator (in my case) and out the door.  Run to the nearest movie theatre and pocket them into those big cushy seats with a big bag of popcorn for yourself.  Or pile those little chickens into your car and just drive off even if you haven’t a clue where you are going.  Actually, when you think about it, it doesn’t matter much what you do or where you go.  What matters it that you have masterfully FLIPPED your brood’s energy from negative to positive and led your household to a brighter day.  You rocked it, mama!

Physically and mentally, yoga asks us to flip our energy too.  There are many types of yoga from which to choose, yet one theme runs constant among them.  Yoga centers us.  Yoga beckons us to stay in the moment, shut out regrets over the past and worries for the future.  Yoga insists that we exist in the here and now, while challenging us to stretch and pull our bodies into positions we never thought we could achieve.

One such position is the flip dog pose of vinyasa yoga, which I demonstrate in this post while sporting a funky purple sleeveless top from Onzie yoga wear paired with semi-transparent leggings that strike the perfect balance between discrete and sexy.Onzie Flip Dog Giveaway

How do you do flip dog?  From downward dog, lift your right leg and bend it at the knee with your foot facing inwards.  Push that same foot down onto the ground and gently open your torso and hips open while pivoting your left foot.  Stretch your arm either out and above or over your head.Onzie Flip Dog GiveawaySwerve your feet to remain parallel to each other and push your hips upwards to the sky.  You’ve got it!  Meanwhile, you’re strengthening your calves, quads, buttocks and shoulders.Onzie Flip Dog GiveawayOnzie Flip Dog Giveaway

Onzie yogawear solves the issue of what to wear to and after yoga.  Onzie’s comfortable, fun, sexy clothes have become my daily staple, getting me through my mornings, afternoons and homework time.  To pick up the kids, I throw on a top, jacket or vest and I’m all set.  Come winter, I’ll be popping on my favorite cowboy boots for another fun variation.Onzie Flip Dog GiveawayGive Onzie a try, FLIP the bad energy in your life from bad to good, and don’t look back.

Love, Melissa

Onzie GiveawayOnzie Flip Dog Giveaway

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Onzie Giveaway

This is a sponsored post. CloudMom received goods in exchange for this post. The ideas and opinions expressed in this post are my own.