Teaching Kids about Money: What NOT To Do

Hello my dears! Melissa from CloudMom here with some Mommy money advice!

Teaching Kids about Money: What NOT To Do

Moms Shopping Online

Confession time today. I’m a big online shopper—it’s so easy and great for a multitasking mommy. Everything I need, from clothes to toys, and any baby product imaginable in between, can be bought online with the click of a button. But when it comes to teaching my kids about money and how to become financially responsible, I am trying to NOT let my kids see me buying ANYTHING online. Here’s why!

Money Lessons for Kids

By not buying things online in front of your children, I believe that you definitely avoid the inevitable “Mommy won’t buy me X, Y, or Z!” Also, because we can buy with the click of a button, kids might think you can purchase anything you want online, for free! And that’s certainly not what I want my kiddies to think. To me, that classic physical exchange of money when at the supermarket or department store helps me to teach my children about the value of money and how we have to give to get. You can even get their brains working by asking them to help you with simple addition and counting change. A perfect learning opportunity in the real world. For more on why we Mamas might want to avoid shopping online in front of our children, check out my vlog!

So what do you think, is it a good idea to shop online in front of your young children? Tell me your thoughts about this issue by commenting below or Tweeting me @CloudMom. I’d love to hear from you! 

Happy online shopping, Mamas…just not in front of the kids!


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  • This is why it is a good reason to look at great informational videos and sites. I have never thought about this issue and I do shop in front of my kids BUT I wish I had read this or heard this long ago. I happen to agree with Melissa but alas I think it is too late for me. Good parenting I think though.

    • Melissa-CloudMom

      Thanks Tamela! Can always count on you for a few supportive words!
      xoxo, Melissa

  • Erika

    I do shop online in front of my children, but after having looked (in front of them) for the best deal. If I can find a good price on the store, I’ll buy it there. Otherwise, I prefer to pay as little as possible and also teach that delaying instant gratification can also be rewarding. What we’ve done with our daughter to teach her the value of money, we reward good behavior with a set amount… like an allowance, but based on behavior. If she’s really good, she gets a certain amount. If she’s really really bad, she has to give some money back. So, every time she wants to buy a toy or something extra, she has her own money to decide what to do with it (by the way, she just recently turned 6, and this system was invented by her kindergarten teacher). So, as long as you talk to your kids about what you’re doing, and not only buy with one click, I think it is fine to shop online in front of them.