Friends After A Baby

Hello Mamas!

They say a baby changes everything. Well, they were darn right. Nothing changes friendships like having a baby and becoming a mom. In this video, I’ll offer some advice for new moms on friends after baby based on my own experience and going through this five times!

Friends After A Baby

Mom Friends

It’s really nice to get involved in a pregnancy community before you have your baby. This could be through a prenatal yoga class or a birthing class. You’ll feel at ease making new friends with other women going through the exact same thing as you. Play dates with your baby and their new friends are also a wonderful way to bond with women. But don’t forget about old friends either! Please keep watching my video for more helpful tips!

New Moms: Did you have any trouble with friends after your baby was born? Please share your experiences below – I would love to hear from you!