Off Shoulder JCrew Cotton Dress

Summer means kicking back and taking some time for air, sea and vaster skies. When it comes to fashion looks, summer presents the opportunity to dare to wear brighter, shorter and sexier even for those in our 40’s. My friend Melissa’s mom counseled her to wear her bikinis even after babies. Ten years down the line, she advised, you will look back and think, “why didn’t I”? So mamas, rather than look back at what you may have had to offer 10 years ago, look forward to a future time and imagine yourself looking back and saying “actually, I didn’t look too bad at all.” This forward-view window will liberate you from fashion inhibitions and give you the courage to venture out and try new styles.

I kept the off-the-shoulder trend at bay until this cotton JCrew dress caught my eye last Spring. Not knowing what to expect, I debated over the red color, but then took the plunge and purchased it online. While trying it on, I at first found it too small: the cinched waist hit the bottom of my ribs, and I though “oh no.” Once I pushed the gathered top down below my shoulders, the dress fell into place. I was hooked!

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Summer Outfit Ideas

Off-shoulder dresses — originally called Bardot dresses after French actress Brigitte Bardot — present themselves in all sort of shapes and sizes this season: you can find fitted pastels, such as Pippa Middleton recently rocked at Wimbledon, or long maxi dresses.

This Jcrew dress strikes the right balance since it’s neither too long, not too short, nor too frilly. The thick cotton lends a casualness rendering it perfect for day-time with flat sandals or for night with all sorts of mid-to-high heels. The width of the top ruffle is more than an after-thought and gives the dress some confidence, right?

I wore it for Lachlan’s 12th birthday birthday at our rented apartment in Barcelona, feeling comfortable while serving up spaghetti and lemon meringue pie to a pack of ball-throwing boys.pretty summer outfitsMy talented friend Tara snapped these photos from our terrace before we served dinner. With a background in television, Tara has applied her production and creative skills to Tara Wilson Designs, which offers elegant lucite boxes, frames and trays that can be personalized with your family’s photos and monograms. Go Tara!summer lookssummer outfit ideas Once my dress had made its debut, I forgot about feeling self-conscious and just had fun. Try to do the same!

That’s it for this week’s fashion post. Feel good, mamas, feel pretty and never doubt yourselves. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway below.



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