Ode to Tori Spelling’s Tears

Do you ever get that feeling that you’d be best friends with a celebrity if you ever had the chance to meet in real life? I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately about actress Tori Spelling, who recently talked about how she sobbed uncontrollably at her son Liam’s preschool graduation. I think I’d have so much to talk to her about, especially because we both have a lot of kids close in age (she’s pregnant with her fourth) and apparently, we’re both HUGE criers.

Ode to Tori Spelling’s Tears

Advice for moms who cry during their child’s milestones

You name the milestone event that my children have experienced, and I can guarantee you that I cried during it. First day of school, baptism, First Communion, losing a tooth, anything you can dream up. It can be quite embarrassing, and I’ve grown used to people looking at me like there’s something wrong with me. I think these moments can hit us so quickly because we don’t always notice that our children are changing on a daily basis. When we cry because our children are starting their first day of school or graduating from preschool, we’re finally seeing that our children are getting older and that we’re getting older, too.

If I know that there’s a milestone event coming up, I try to prepare myself in every way possible. There’s no way that I’ll be able to not cry, but I just try to make it more bearable. First things first: no mascara for me. No, not even the waterproof kind! I also try to bring some tissues. Not only will it help me to staunch the waterworks, but the other moms will LOVE you for thinking ahead! You’ll be handing out tissues like candy on Halloween, so it never hurts to pack a few to-go packs. I should also probably mention that I have that “ugly cry” that Oprah mentioned, complete with a red face and bulging veins, so keeping tissues handy helps me to mask this!

It may also be helpful for you to have a canned line when people start to look at you funny. As soon as people start to give me strange looks, I address the issue. “Hey, I’ve been known for crying during 30-second commercials. Not even special commercials, just the ordinary, cute Cheerios-type commercials.” This has helped to save me from embarrassment, and I’ve been surprised to hear responses of  “Me too!” from time to time.

This is a very common ordeal among people, and it’s good in a way to think about the importance of these moments. As they say, these things happen in the blink of an eye. So, I’m curious, who else is like me and becomes a blubbering mess during special events? Share your stories and how you deal with it in the comments section below!